Certified Programs That Make You Money
Automotive and Marine Dealers and Auctions are
making more money, and faster by partnering with
Titan Certified Pre-Owned Programs.
Sell Faster
Auto Resellers find that after instituting Titan Certified as a standard, vehicles spend less time on lot and sell for a higher price.
Reconditioning, mechanical and resource costs are
reduced by pinpointing potential trouble spots before
the unit hits the front lot.
Increased Sales
Sellers have seen sales increase by as much as 40 percent per month. Higher sale prices can bump up net profits by more than 10 percent.
And, Titan’s limited guarantee eliminates major
claims and provides complete customer satisfaction
Laboratory Analysis
Titan Certified uses 108 Tests to determine the amount of wear metal content, assess the fluid condition and establish the presence of any masking agents. Titan’s fluid analysis conclusively tests 108 specific variables in the engine and transmission. If levels are at abnormal or at critical numbers, Titan detects the abnormality, identifies the suspect component(s) and provides a recommendation for its
Reseller Benefits
What Titan Certified can do for your business:
Raise Sales Volume
See as much as 40 percent increase in sales when selling Titan Certified cars. Provide your sales team with “Real Time” answers
Increase Browsing Traffic
Titan Certified inventories attract more buyers to your lot and
Internet listings using Titan’s logos.
Manage Risk: Reduce or Eliminate Loss Ratios
Engine or Transmission issues that arise are
covered under our Exclusive Limited Guarantee.
Boost Vehicle Profits.
Industry wide, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles sell for higher grosses, adding thousands of dollars to your margins, while giving the buyer the surety needed to close the deal.
Cut Diagnostics and Reconditioning Costs
Before spending hundreds of dollars on diagnostics and reconditioning, we can tell you exactly the internal condition of the motor and transmission.